Layering For Winter | Undershirts For Women

Layering for winter without looking and feeling like a stuffed sausage is one of those things that can make or break how you feel and what you get done. I know… first world problems. But you’ve got to admit it’s happened to you.
Take, for example, accidentally dropping a pen at work. When you’re wearing thermal underwear, a thin blouse, a blazer, and pants… you know bending down to retrieve it means an entire, multi-layered re-adjustment. The long underwear pulls out and up a bit, taking the blouse with it. Now you’re sloppy and uncomfortable. You either have to readjust your clothes right there or head to the bathroom because the fix involves something being unbuttoned or unzipped.
I read an article today about keeping warm at the office (I’m always researching how to do things faster/better/less expensively). One of the suggestions the author made was to use a regular tee-shirt from your summer wardrobe as a base-layer. Well, as the only woman you probably know with undershirt patents, that set off all kinds of alarms. 😉
Come to find out, it did the same for another reader as well. Here’s her comment:

“My one huge issue with short sleeves: the visible line in your blazer or cardigan sleeve where they end. It doesn’t happen on every suit, but it definitely happens on all cardigans. Worse yet, if the sleeve underneath bunches up and your entire shoulder/ upper arm area is wrinkly looking. It feels annoying and it looks bad, and yes I notice it on other people not just on myself (we all have pet peeves, this is mine).”

I hear you, sister. In fact, I hear you so loudly I did something about it.  And I’m wearing one now (I’m not just the inventor, I’m a customer![ding!]).
Our Topless Tee undershirts for women are the layer for winter that professional women have been looking for. With our open-bust design, you can wear most any neckline over them without your undershirt peeking out, and you’ll never see the uniboob effect other knit shirts can cause.
Our womens undershirts are thick enough to provide extra warmth without making you hot at the office. They’re thin enough to hide seamlessly under blouses, blazers, and thin sweaters without extra bulk.

And they’re anchored on the sleeves and hips with a pretty stretch lace so they won’t pull up and out with your every move.

Keep the thermal underwear for skiing and skating, but when most of your day is spent indoors this winter, our Annienymotee women’s undershirts are your answer when it comes to layering for winter.