Dress Shields Are Not Panty Liners | Undershirts For Women

Dress shields (or underarm liners/guards) have been around for decades. The old-fashioned kinds even had straps to secure them in place. The newer models use a super-strong adhesive (more on that, later) to keep them securely stuck to the armpit of your clothing. They’re designed for people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating. And, many people swear by them.
I used to buy dress shields. Not for excessive sweating, but to keep deodorant build-up and residue off my expensive blouses and  linings of my jackets and blazers. They did their job, but there were a few caveats:

  1. I could only find them at a fabric store miles away from my home.
  2. I couldn’t take off my blazer in public without exposing the liners.
  3. And perhaps worst of all: instead of dealing with deodorant residue, I had to battle the adhesive residue on the linings of jackets and blazers. That stuff could keep tiles from flying off space shuttles. I mean, it was impossible to remove without damaging the (typically silk or polyester) linings of my jackets.

I finally stopped making that long trip to the fabric store. Nothing worked the way I wanted it to. But, the good news is: frustrations like that got the wheels rolling on Annienymotee undershirts for women.
Now here I am today, researching on-line like I do, and I come across article upon article about using panty liners for underarm/dress shields. Writers are calling it a “life hack.” Seriously? Well, I guess panty liners are less-expensive and more easily accessible. But really? Have we women gotten to this point… where manufacturers are ignoring a basic need of ours so much that we’re taking something that belongs in our panties and sticking them under our arms?
And guess what? They don’t always work. Turns out that NASA-quality dress shield adhesive is insanely sticky for a reason. Check out this comment from a woman who tried the “life hack.”:

“ok, i read this post way back and thought the underarm stain protector was a brilliant idea. till now… it’s been working very well but today i attached a pad under each armpit on a loose fitting silk shirt that I wore not tucked in… and as i was walking thru the hallway I work, I found one of the pads lying on the floor! I must have dropped it!!! I quickly picked it up hoping no one saw me.. but jeeez everyone must have been working WTHHHHH is this doing on the floor, gross!!! And I also noticed that the other one was missing but don’t know where i dropped it… at home? at my son’s daycare? somewhere in the office building?? omggg i’m so embarressed!!! i hope no one makes the same mistake that i did~~!!!!!”

We won’t. 🙂 It sounds like something that would happen to me.
Annienymotee women’s undershirts are designed to keep deodorant residue and build-up off clothes. They also act as a barrier between those clothes and normal, daily perspiration (not excessive sweating or hyper-hidrosis). They’re invisible, soft, lacy… and they won’t fall out at work. They also won’t leave superglue stripes in your jackets and blouses.
One more thing: if you ignore the glue left behind from those dress shields they’ll only collect every loose fiber from sweaters and blouses thereafter… leaving marks that are both sticky and furry!
So save yourself the embarrassment of it all. Go Topless (Tee)!