Undershirts For Women: The Wait Is Over | Invisible Undershirts

Undershirts For WomenUndershirts for women are finally available!  And it’s all because of the fresh and functional design of the Topless Tee undershirt for women by Annienymotee.  From itchy sweaters to designer blouses, jackets, and dresses… women deserve the extra layer of protection an undershirt provides.   But we need something better than a white, cotton undershirt.
Now, After years in development and design, Annienymotee‘s first collection of undershirts for women have arrived.  And they’re like nothing you’ve seen before.
Topless Tee undershirts for women are so revolutionary, they’ve been patented.  It’s all thanks to a design that makes our undershirts for women virtually undetectable under clothing.  How do we do it?   We start with a neckline that can be worn under any top or dress you throw over it without peeping out.  Our neckline has an open bust.  It embraces a woman’s bra.. without covering it up.  Women can wear most any style top over their Topless Tee undershirt without any sign of the tee itself.

Our premiere collection comes in three complexion-complementing colors and black. The light, medium, and dark fabrics were selected to match the broadest cross section of skin tones. When you match your skin tone to the right Topless Tee undershirt for women, you can wear it under the sheerest fabrics and it blends so effortlessly with your complexion, it’s undetectable.  The light Topless Tee is for fair-skinned women, the medium Topless Tee is for mid-tones and olive complexions, and the dark Topless Tee blends flawlessly with dark complexions.
Topless Tee undershirts for women are not only a layer of invisible protection from light perspiration, deodorant marks, residue, and underarm stains, they’re so light and comfortable you’ll want to wear them under everything.  Each Topless Tee is made from the softest rayon/spandex blend fabric.  That softness, teamed with the fabric’s four-way stretch,  makes an undershirt for women that’s effortless to wear. Never constricting, the fit is snug with no bunching or riding-up.
Our tees create a smooth line under today’s designs with the help of our fabulous stretch lace trim.  That trim means Annienymotee undershirts for women lay flat at the seams… no ridges to show through.
So save time and money on laundering or dry cleaning your sweaters and fine clothing.  Wearing Annienymotee‘s Topless Tee undershirts for women keeps clothes free from deodorant residue, underarm stains, and light perspiration without sacrificing style or comfort.